Our Vision & Purpose

Our Vision
From God

Our vision is to develop self-replicating people and churches by:
  Evangelizing (Acts 1:8): Actively sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  Discipling (2 Tim 2:2): Providing foundational discipleship and accountability amongst all believers
  Preaching (Acts 10:42): Using the church as a platform to preach God’s Word
  Teaching (2 Tim 2:2): Equipping the next generation of leadership

Our Purpose
Serving God

Our purpose is to construct a house (CASA) of God by investing directly into the lives of His chosen people who, as individuals will come together to make up His house. We see the process of building up both the individuals of God and his church as a four-step process:
° C: Conocer (Know)
° A: Adorar (Worship)
° S: Servir (Serve)
° A: Anunciar (Announce)